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End of Season report

This season our focus was on giving as many of our new members over the board match experience as possible. With a scaled down season in most leagues plus a late start we were not too concerned about the final results.


We managed to escape relegation by drawing with Shirley and Withall and beating Olton towards the end of the season. We finished 8th out of 12 teams. Star player was Joe Conway-Lees with 3 out of 3. He is sure to be registered for the first team next season. John Foxall did well to score 2½; out of 3.


The second team did not fair so well and will be relegated to division 4.  The best performance was from Martin Berridge on 4 out of 6.


After 4 matches we were heading the table, with 4 wins from 4. We lost our final match against Oscott, but it did not matter we won the division with 8 points from 5 matches. This was a scaled down version of the Wolverhampton  league with clubs playing in teams of 4. We wait to see what will happen next season and whether or not we will be promoted to division one. The best Stourbridge player was Eric on 2½; out of 3. Well done Stourbridge!


We got off to a good start with 7 points from our 5 matches but then we lost our last two matches to finish 4th out of 8.  Team captain Colin Woodall played well to score 3½; out of 6.

Worcestershire division 2

Captain Steve Alcock made sure that lots of different players played in this league. We had some close matches but finally finished 4th out of 5 with 6 points from 8 matches. 14 different Stourbridge players played in the 4 board team. Best performer was Hossam Aboushady with 2½; out of 3.

Ladder league

The ladder league was won by Dylan Yates.

Dudley  league

The Dudley league did not recommence this season. However it hopes to restart for the 2022/23 season.

Summer program

With league chess finished for the 2021/22 season we will now start on our Summer program. The club will continue to meet throughout the Summer  in the large function room at the Stourbridge Institute every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Event Date
Blitz tournament 1/6/2022
Committee Meeting and social chess 8/6/2022
AGM 15/6/2022
Summer tournament round 1 22/6/2022
Summer tournament round 2 6/7/2022
Summer tournament round 3 20/7/2022
Tony Evers friendly 26/7/2022
Summer tournament round 4 3/8/2022
Club dinner 7:00 at the Roe Deer 8/8/2022
Summer tournament round 5 17/8/2022
Brian Dudley memorial tournament 24/8/2022 

If you are interested in attending any of these events, please contact the club social secretary.

Townshend Trophy

The final of the Townshend trophy for the 2019/2020 season was finally held on December 14th 2021. It was originally scheduled to be played on 21st April 2020 but the Covid lockdown prevented this.

This trophy is open to teams from the lower divisions of the Birmingham League. The Stourbridge second team faced Coleshill who also play in division 4.

Only players from the 2019/202 were eligible and Stourbridge were missing several of their players whereas Coleshill were only missing one.

We lost the toss resulting in Coleshill getting white on odd boards. First board to finish was Colin on board 6, after the center was open and his opponent's king still in the middle, Colin was able to secure the win. Martin with black was next to finish on board 3, opposite side castling and h file open Martin's opponents attack was too powerful to defend. Richard had slight edge on board 4 but was unable to convert to a win. Match was tight after 3 boards finishing score was 1.5 each. On top board Sam got some activity against his opponent's exchange Slav. After all pieces exchanged apart from knight and bishop and the Kingside pawn structure closed, focus turned to the Queenside, his opponent had the opportunity to sacrifice his bishop for two connected passed pawns. However he decided it was too risky and a draw was agreed. Eric on board two lost a pawn in the opening but had compensation with strong knight on e5 and attacking opportunities. However Eric's attack fizzled out and opponent was able to win the game. Board 5 was last to finish, playing well in the center Steve created a passed d pawn, in a position which looked advantageous to Steve, the game ended with his opponent's flag dropping. The match ended 3-3 with us losing on board count.

1  Peter Thompson ½; ½; Sam Bradley
2 Mike Wildboar 1 0 Eric Horwill
3 Paul Barrett 1 0 Martin Berridge
4 Graham Barrett ½; ½; Richard Wilkinson
5 Richard Bailey 0 1 Steve Alcock
6 Tom Vanes 0 1 Colin Woodall

Annual General Meeting

The club held the  AGM at the end of the season at the Stourbridge Institute on Wednesday 15th June. this was the first AGM since May 2019.

This year without any OTB chess, the awards took on a slightly different flavour and were awarded as follows:

  • The Presidents Cup, awarded for services to the club, was awarded to Steve Alcock for his work as treasurer, team captain and welcoming new members.
  • The Denis Fernihough Trophy, This year there was one player who really stood out and that is Joe Conway-Lees. Joe started off the season unrated. Then in October his rating was 1410 and this gradually grew to 1691! His record for the club is played 14, won 9, drawn 2 and lost 3.
  • The Sydney Willets Trophy, used to be awarded to the best club player which was difficult to define. It has now been decided to award it to the most reliable member. It was awarded to Eric Horwill.

The following officials were elected:

  • President : Julie Wilson
  • General Secretary :Paul Sharratt
  • Treasurer: Steve Alcock
  • Website: Julie Wilson
  • Publicity :Julie Wilson
  • Social Secretary: Julie Wilson
  • Safeguarding Officer :Paul Sharratt
  • First team captain : Paul Sharratt
  • Second team captain: Sam Bradley
  • Third Team Captains: Colin Woodall, Steve Alcock

The allocation of teams to captains will be decided later.

Full minutes of the meeting will be posted shortly.

Online Chess

Stourbridge has an online club on Any local chess players are welcome to join us online. We also had  one team in division 2 of the West Midlands Area online league.

There is a BDCL meta club which organises events for players associated with the BDCL.

In order to join either club, you need to be a member of which is free. Both clubs are holding monthly online tournaments.

Useful links

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Mayfair club

The Mayfair club is a new games lounge and cocktail bar in Amblecote where adults can go to play indoor games such as chess, backgammon, bridge, darts, monopoly, draughts and poker.

We will be working with the Mayfair club in the future to promote chess playing in the Stourbridge area.

The club will be open from 4:30pm to midnight Monday to Thursday and noon to 2:00am Friday to Sunday. The address is:

The Mayfair Club Unit 4, Wedgbury Wy., Brierley Hill DY5 3JT

You can find out more about the club at

Worcestershire chess news

At the Worcestershire Chess Association executive committee meeting, Paul Sharratt received the Jim Friar Award in recognition for his services to Worcestershire's chess scene. Dave Scriven won the Woodcock prize. This is an annual award for the most enterprising game played by someone associated with Worcestershire and was presented for two of his games which were deemed equally good.

Worcestershire won the national online minor counties championship. They beat Somerset 6½;-5½; in the final. Stourbridge's Hossam Aboushady, Tony Shaw and Julie Wilson all won their games in the final.

Tony Evers Match

This annual friendly match against Halesowen was held for the first time since lockdown at Halesowen's venue the Townsend club on 26th July 2022. . There was a really nice friendly atmosphere throughout the evening and Halesowen put on a good spread for the buffet! We got off to a good start when Michael and Sam Green both won quickly. Eric also had a good win. Nic Fallowfield and Julie Wilson did well to draw against higher rated opponents. Jeremy Humphries (on loan to Halesowen) and Greg Parkes also drew.

Tony Evers Memorial Match Results




1. John Edge 2071



Nic Fallowfield 1933

2. Stewart Fishburne 2049



Julie Wilson 1821

3. Paul Evans 1700



Tony Shaw 1747

4. Luke Cowen 1691



Eric Horwill 1734

5. Tony Stokes 1659



Chris Evans 1732

6. Peter Banks 1624



Richard Wilkinson 1625

7. Jeremy Humphries 1555



Greg Parkes 1608

8. Tony Taylor 1387



Sam Green 1454

9. Alex Hendridge ug (1300)



Ben Doran 1322

10. Joyce Evans 1068



Michael Green 1262

11. Chris Haddon



Reece Cottam 951

ECF Membership

As you probably know, if you’re going to play in any chess leagues or congresses you now need to be a member of the ECF.

If you are joining the ECF for the first time, there is a guide available here:

If you were a member of the Federation last year and wish to renew your membership for the coming season you need the Guide to renewing your ECF membership

If you are unsure what type of membership you need the following link may be useful: different types of membership

Worcestershire Junior Chess Academy

During school term-time the club meets on most Saturday mornings 10:00 am to 11:45 am at King's School Worcester, next to the Worcester Cathedral. Enter from Castle Place WR1 2NB. Most sessions are supervised by Ray Collett.

If you would like to join us, please contact Ray Collett by e-mail or by telephone Worcester 454 754 before your child's first attendance.

See Worcester Junior Chess Academy for more information.

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